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Hi everybody. I wanted to share this tip for making the different jewels using clear isomalt diamonds. I was finishing up a cake this week for an Eastern Star group and I was so exhausted I wasn't sure if I could physically make the different jewels that needed to go in the crown, so I took Wiltonspaste colors and painted the backs of the clear isomalt diamonds, flipped them over and let them set for about 3 hours, then set them with RI and they looked just like the...
Roger will-co on that one....I'm too afraid to change the mold....I'm beginning to have tiny baby mold can there be such a thing??? Thanks, Annie
Thank you all for such great replies. You all have great input. I have thought about the cornstarch and will try that next. Everything but its back side turns out for me. The only reason I think there may be something wrong with the mold is about looking down into it, it seems to have an extra piece sticking out above where the feet go and it looks out of place, but then I could be I do make sure that my gum paste is very I don't think thats...
I got in my tiny baby mold and when I take out my gum paste the back end is always mis-figured. At first I thought, looking at the inside of the mold that maybe I got a lemon; then I began to think it could be the!I'm tired of re-shaping his/her tiny backside every time or is this normal for this mold. Any help is greatly appreciated and you'll be put on a very tall cake diva pedestal...LOL!Thanks for reading Annie09
Cant thank you enough for taking the time to answer my question....May the cake fairy sprinkle lots of diva dust on you tonight....lolAnnie
Hi ya'll, Annie here. I made my daisys from my rolled fondant recipe, which turned out great!!! BUT can anyone tell me how to preserve them.Do I put them in the ice box?...I thought they would sweat by doing this....Need input....please....lolThanks for any help on this..Annie ...cake diva in training..snicker
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