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I've had my tappits for months and never use them for the same reason. Now I'll have to give them another try - thanks for the hints!!!
You could try adding just a pinch of black to darken it
Make sure you're greasing your cutting mat well and rolling out your fondant VERY thin. Also make sure your speed & pressure aren't on high - that's given me problems before. HTH
I use MMF in my extruder and, like you, I have the kind with a crank. You do have to add quite a bit of shortening to your fondant to make it work and avoid little cracks. Good luck!
I think you might be right about her attaching the ruffles to buttercream. I've done a couple ruffle cakes myself and have only put them onto buttercream so I know it works fine!
Thanks for the info!
Yep, got the same message
I've never bought any of it in the big containers, but have tasted it on cakes from there and it's very good! I wonder if anyone knows if it can be frozen - that's probably the only way I'd buy it since I wouldn't need to use that much at one time.
My Costco does sell their icing in tubs, even comes in a variety of colors!
Really wish I could help you - I'm thinking it's probably because you used lemon juice instead of lemon extract that you're having problems getting it to dry. I know that doesn't help a bit with your current situation though
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