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I have used these....NEVER AGAIN!!! I had 21 dozen cupcakes to bake & the customer wanted silver but not the "cheap looking" silver ones. She wanted something more elegant. I found a nice "brushed" silver looking one in this brand. So I bought them and baked my cupcakes (using a cupcake pan) and by that night they had ALL started to peel away. By the next morning, most of them were completely peeled away. Needless to say I had to scramble, buy some "cheap looking" silver...
[/quote]This conversation has come up over and over again. In the past when it came up I swore it was from underbaking. BUT funny thing is I never can recall asking what the flavor of the cake was or if it was mix or scratch. Because I used to never get cupcake liners peeling. That is until last week when I open a cake shop and need them to look pristine and what happens is I get papers peeling off the cupcakes! And which ones were peeling? The one with citrus juice...
I had the same thing happen a couple of weeks ago with 21 dozen cupcakes for a wedding. I made four different flavors and used more expensive grease proof liners. It happened to all four flavors. Needless to say I had to re-bake all 21 doz. I used the standard white liners the second time and they turned out fine. Very, very strange.
I say that she paid a deposit for a certain sized caked that was going to serve a given number of people. I'm sure that you have had to pass on other orders due to the fact that you had her cake to do, so that means you have lost out the potential to make money on another cake order for that same day. So if her deposit was non-refundable I definitely wouldn't give it back to her. I personally would agree to make the smaller cake that she wants & take the cost of it out of...
Thx for your great ideas!!
Hi everyone!! I am in need of some ideas for cupcakes. I had a girl place an order for cupcakes for her boyfriend's birthday. She said his favorite colors are red & black and he is kinda "punkish". (he is a skateboarder) I thought this would be a breeze, but I am at a loss for ideas. I am usually pretty creative, but this one has me stumped. Ideas anyone?? Any and all will be greatly appreciated. Can't wait to hear from all of you!
Thanks so much Mattie & samiam!!
Thanks JanH!!
Can anyone help me turn the WASC recipe into a Margarita flavored cake? I have some ideas of how to do this, but would like the opinions of anyone else. Thanks for your time.
So the only thing you omit is the almond? You just add the vanilla pudding mix straight to the mix?
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