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Hi CC - I purchased poppy cutters and veiners but do not have instructions. I did a search here and noticed there were already discussions on how to make these, but my computer is not able to load the pages. I've tried restarting and because I'm in Chicago, our library is closed due to the blizzard. Would anybody mind helping me out with instructions for poppies? I would so greatly appreciate it.XoXoJessica
Hi everyone - happy Friday night!!!So, in the excitement of using my airbrush and my new stencils, I didn't exactly prep my area (or myself) well for the spray. And well, to say the least, it's EVERYWHERE now! I luckily have wood floors, so I can just mop them when I'm done, but how in the world do I get all this airbrush coloring off my face? My nose and around my mouth is 100% sky blue (I look a like a cloud). PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!THanks - Jessica
Thank you everyone for the posts. If it turns out with good reviews, I'll post the recipe I end up using.
Hi CC! I have a friend who absolutely loves cannoli filling. Has anybody used cannoli filling as a cake filling? If so, how far in advance can you make the cannoli filling before you eat it? I was hoping to make the cannoli filling on Wednesday, torte the cake Thursday, and eat on Saturday - will this work out??Any information is so greatly appreciated!
Hi everyone,I'm inquiring to see if I can use royal icing as my "paint" with a wood grainer? Does anybody have experience with this?Thank you,Jessica
sillysierra - let me know how things go. I'm originally from Portland, Oregon so we could represent the NW together!
Pancha - I am still trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for all of this...but I know that it is what I need to do, so sacrificing a meal here or there and definitely no new clothes is worth it to me. You'll find a way!Tesso - DEFINITELY!
Thank you very much everyone for the nice wishes. I know its 8 months away, but for those who live in/near Chicago, I hope to meet you!
I just want to shout it from the rooftop...I am so excited!I received my acceptance letter today from Chicago's French Pastry School and will begin the L'Art du Gateau taught by Nicholas Lodge this August. I cannot wait!!!I know there are some mixed feelings about school versus learning through classes, but I am a strong believer in having an education no matter what industry you are in so this was very important to me. And to be taught by Nicholas Lodge is such an...
I definitely think going to visit their store would be a great idea - that way when they see it, they will know exactly what it is.
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