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That's a good idea! I never thought of that. Thanks!
Hey Everyone! I'm making this cake this weekend for The Littlest Pet Shop for my niece. The only problem is I have no idea how to attach the Palm Tree to the cake board! I made them with the thick pretzel stick and royal icing as the leaves but I'm stuck now on figuring out how to attach it to the cake board itself! At first I was thinking, oh I can use royal icing but it will take too long to dry and still might be too heavy. Then I was thinking, I can use chocolate to...
Maybe you could do a big open/closed text book (If you do it open you could even write a spell, maybe having to do with the child's birthday which could make them feel special and be even more excited about the cake). Or you could even do a desk table seeing how they are students at school and all have a desk. There are so many things you can place on the book/desk then, such as a photo of Harry on his broom with the golden snitch (it could be done in fondant/gum paste...
That is so cute! It could even be tweaked a bit to make it your own. Maybe I could put a juicer on the cutting board as well. I love the marbling done on that cutting board. It looks so real! Thanks for your idea! Probably could make the items on top of the cutting board out of rice crispy treats. It might be a bit hard to carve them out of cake.
Well, She doesn't mind doing beachy related ideas and things such as that just nothing too common. She was looking online and all the beach type cakes she sees have just sea shells and waves and chairs and things like that. She said it could be anything to do with summer as long as it isn't common. Her wish is not very specific and I think that's where I had my problem thinking up an idea. Maybe something to do with a summer vacation or such as that would be...
Hi everyone! I have been asked to make a summer-type cake (inspired by summer) but I want something fresh and new! Everything seems so over done, such as the beach or sailing. Any ideas would be great. Thank you so much in advance!!
Hi Everyone! I'm new and I cant seem to get these roses right! I used the basic wilton buttercream with shortening and all but the roses seem to break on the petals near the top. They are ruffled almost as if tearing. I've tried piping gel, really still icing, semi stiff, light corn syrup, and trying to open the thin end of the tip but it doesnt seem to work. Any ideas? Thanks!
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