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PLEASE don't let them manipulate and push you into lowering the price that they already agreed on!!!! Those cupcakes will take a lot of work, and I'm not even sure you'd break even at $2.00 per cuppie. It seems that they are trying to strong-arm you into getting what they want - don't let them do it!!!
I made the vanilla cake in his book and added the custard. I thought it was wonderful, and the people that ate it told me how wonderful it was. Maybe the custard makes a difference in the taste?
I would definitely use the chocolate WASC recipe, and make sure it has good support. You can search that in the recipe section. WASC is my go-to recipe, everyone that tastes it loves it, and it's more durable for stacking.Good luck with the cake!
I've found that refrigerating doesn't really have an effect on the bulge, but making sure the cakes are level and there is a STIFF icing dam around the edges always works. I didn't know cake boss company did tutorials though, thanks for sharing the link!
Thank you for the heads up! That's a great deal!Lisa
Good for you! It's very liberating to turn down a bad deal.
I think a little of both, leaning heavily towards the decorator.My sister is a very talented artist that can design and draw amazing things. She can't decorate worth beans, so the end result and finish of a cake she might design would ultimately lay with me. She could draw a beautiful cake, but if she can't execute it then it's a wash.
Honestly, it doesn't sound like that comment was made maliciously or "to show how much smarter" the person was - but just some honest input.Like pp said - when you post pictures on fb, they are open to comments. If you don't want input on your cakes, there is an option to disable the comments on your posts in the privacy settings.
This is totally a scam. I've seen tons of emails with this exact wording. You can usually tell a scam email by the very poor grammar because they aren't in the US.Lisa
It's pretty easy. Cut the mini marshmallows in half diagonally, and dip the exposed sticky parts in sugar or sprinkles. Use frosting or some kind of edible glue to put them around the cupcake, and you're done. Hope that helps. Lisa
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