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Hi Sissy, As the others ladies here. I charge per slice as well. I have found two ways to figure the price... 1) I total my cost for...ingrediants, gas, boxes, boards, etc 2) I estimate my time, baking, making frosting, making fondant, assembling, decorating, any additional side pieces. I figure how many hrs in total...and times that by how much I want to make an hour. 3) I add them together. There's my total. If it seems riduculously high. I take that...
Hi Melvira, I did find a store where I can buy Rich's Better cream, But, I really want to learn how to make it from scratch. "So if and or when they might not have it"I woud like to have a backup plan. Do you know where I can find a recipe for it.Thank you, for you help.
Why not rent the movie? Have your daughter watch it and when she sees the cake she can pause it.? Then you can draw the design. Its better than nothing if you can't find the picture.
Hi Melissa (Melvira)Love your website.! It's really fun. And your work is amazing.!!!I found you on CC. I read this posting about added different products to "Bettercream" ?? Do you make that from scratch? or can you purchase that somewhere in Ohio.?? I don't believe I can purchase that here in Massachusettes.? If I can than I don't know where?? Could you please clue me in??? Thankyou so much!BTW..I love cake decorating and cooking the same as you.. It's nice to know...
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