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Yep, they nest right into each other
Thanks!!!  And yes, hollow, weird right?!  They do seem pretty sturdy though, and like 6 inches tall.
Hi ladies and gentlmen!! It's been awhile since I've been on here, hope everyone has been well.   I am doing a 4 tier oval wedding cake where 3 of the 4 tiers will be dummy cakes.  The second to largest size will be the real cake.  My questions are: do I dowel all tiers just like a regular cake?  if not do I still do a cake board under the dummy tier that is in contact with the real cake?  And do I apply the buttercream directly to the styro or do I put something on them...
Thanks so much for the input. I don't think I would mind the child-like ring to it because I do mostly children's cakes, but I figured it would seem like a candy store. Oh well, back to brainstorming. I also really liked Sweet Street Confectionery, but I googled that and there is this big fudge company called Sweet Street Confections. That's out I guess too, lol.Like I said, it won't be till way far down the line so I have alot of time to think.Thanks again!!!
for a cake shop? I am thinking for way down the line, but wanted to start brainstorming. I would only want to do cakes at first, but then maybe cookies and cupcakes. Didn't know if it would sound like a candy store or just sound sweet and fun. Any opinions are very much appreciated.
Thank you ladies!
Where can I check out the silouette?
Has anyone seen this? Does it seem worth the $500 price tag?
I really didn't have that much trouble, I kind of "slid" it in I think. Sorry I am not too much help.
THank you so much for the very quick response! I guess we shall have chocolate cake for dessert tonight. My kids thank you too, lol.
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