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Maybe this link will work. I tried to copy cut and paste it here.English Russia ยป Cake Art
I came across this woman's work in an email from a friend- my eyes and smile got bigger with each picture. They said that all of it can be eaten- no plastics or non edible materials were used. I can't imagine how long it takes to create these in such perfect detail. I hope that this link works.
I checked out your website- beautiful cakes . I'd love to make faux cakes in my area. I respect people who are able to make these incredible, edible cakes but I also see the advantage of faux cakes. I've read about them before I became interested in cake decorating, the article said that they were popular in Japan, too. I can't have a home bakery but would love the chance to create beautiful faux cakes for people who are open to this alternative. I've been asked to...
Hi Caketec,Thanks for the info! I'll have to experiment with the grain alcohol dilution.I'm shipping a plaque type design- so I don't have fragile petals to worry about, (this time) It's good to know how someone with experience does it. I've got some shipping peanuts and bubble wrap and hope that double boxing can absorb some of the bumps. Do you wrap the pieces in plastic bags? I plan on bagging the item and placing a food safe desiccant packet in with it. Thanks,Kayte
I've used both creme and wedding bouquet in frosting and had postive feedback for both. I use Princess Cake to "dress up" a yellow cake mix- I add a teaspoon each of Princess and good quality vanilla and replace the oil with butter. The cake comes out moist, with a slightly citrus flavor that my family loves. It's worth a try. Kayte
Thanks for the great suggestions. I usually do use UPS- they're good about special attention shipping. I just would hate to disappoint my friend- not that she'd be unkind about it. There are some things that we don't have control over. We make the effort and hope for the best.Thanks.Kayte
Weirkd- I didn't know about confectioner's glaze. Can it be used in an airbrush? The lacquer is pricey! Thanks for the info. As far as shipping- I'm going to use packing supplies and add a food grade desiccant packet to the plastic bag that I pack the item in. Then I'm packing the first box into a larger box lined with styro. I hope that double boxing will help cushion it enough. Any suggestions are appreciated. Kayte
You're Welcome. I'll post more on this when I do more tests with it. I must have missed it on the Ace of Cakes- I don't get to see it often. I'll bet they know of more applications for it. Take care. Kayte
Letsgetcaking- I'll be happy to share what information I have on this product. It's made by Confectionary Arts International and the can reads as follows: for use on Marzipan, Sugar, Chocolate, Nougatine and PralinesProvides shine and protection from humidity, extends the shelf life, lacquer spray neutral in smell and taste, increases the gloss and shine of chocolate showpieces and sugar decorations, protects sugar arts against humidity exposure. I haven't used it on...
I'm not sure if there is much interest in this product here- but now that I've used the spray, I will share my review of it. If used as directed, you get a nice sheen on your gumpaste/fondant. Trying to spray thin coats does yield better results. I sprayed a tricky area too thickly and it resulted in visible drips and a wetter looking finish. One piece had some black magic marker writing on it that "purpled" slightly after spraying- but the marker did not run. Definitely...
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