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Hello,   I too am looking for cupcake display trays.  Did you find a place to buy them?   Neida :)
I'm making chocolate salted caramel cupcakes tomorrow night and I wanted to know if I can refridgerate them. Will the caramel soak into the cupcake? Thank you!! )
Hello, I made homemade marshallow frosting for s'mores cupcakes the other day and the marshallow frosting fizzled out, if you know what I mean. It wasn't fluffy and thick. I need help. I'm not sure if off with the recipe. It's the seven minute frosting. How do I keep it from doing that and how long will it keep? Thank you, Neida
Hello,I'm selling organic cupcakes for the first time at a farmer's market this Saturday. I need advice on how much I should sell the cupcakes for? Also, I'm starting off with 4 different flavors. How many cupcakes should I bake?Thanks a million!! )) BlessingsNeida
Hello,Can I freeze frosting in a mason jar and for what length of time? Thank you so much in advance.Blessings,Neida
I also made it from the jar and the same thing happened. They deflated a little, but it was still delicious.
Hello,I made red velvet cupcake mix for babyshower favors. I put most of the ingredients in a glass jar. The only ingredients my guests had to include were the buttermilk, oil, food coloring and eggs. One of my guests made the cupcakes a week later and she said they deflated a little in the center. She said the cupcakes still came out great besides that. Can someone tell me why this could have happened? Neida [/img]
Hello,I simply wanted to know if I can use buttermilk in place of milk in baking cakes. I've use it for red velvet cakes because it calls for it, but I want to try using it for other flavors as well. If so, what should I not include in the batter if using buttermilk? Do I still use butter or am I just replacing milk for buttermilk? Hope this doesn't sound too confusing. Thank you!!Neida
Hello,I need to make an R2R2 cake and I want to know how I would get a round shape for the head. I only have a 6" ball pan and I haven't seen them Amy bigger. Can someone please help me?Thanks,neida
Hello,This is my first sell and I need assistance with pricing. I want to be reasonable. Thank you!!! Neida
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