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Hello, I was asked by a friend to make cake pops for an upcoming bridal shower and I need some ideas! It is going to be a backyard bridal shower and the cake pops will be party favors to go along with jars of personalized honey. I was told to make them "summer-y and elegant". Any ideas? Thanks for your time
Hello, I'm currently in Dubai and Im trying to find a place that sells gumpaste, gumpaste tools, etc.etc. Anyone in Dubai know of a place? Thank you
HiI'm planning on covering my cake in BC and adding on little fondant circle cutouts all over the side. Can someone tell me when the best time to add the fondant would be? Right after I frost it or when the BC dries/crusts? thanks oh also do you recomment keeping the cake in the fridge after the fondant is added on? thanksss
luster dust worked perfectly! thanks everyone
maybe the theme of your cake can be your town, that would be pretty cool! Good luck
Hi Can anyone tell me how to make it look like my fondant figures have blush on or rosy cheeks?thanks
registered yesterday! Its def worth it, I love it!!
thanks for the great suggestions! It worked yay!
I dont mind the drive and I'll def try the place you mentioned! Hobby Lobby and Michaels dont carry it, wish they did :/
Hi does any one here know of a place where I can buy disco dust in Illinois ?thank youuuu
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