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A 10" round tier that is 4" high? I have never used mixes before, but I am desperate (and out of time!) so I'm trying it. I'd really rather not go to the grocery store. I have 1 box of mix left after my other 2 tiers which are different flavors. Thanks for any ideas. 
Thank you for all the replies. I switched brands of egg powder and powdered sugar. I am making it again today and will try dissolving things better. 
I made this recipe: and it usually works out great. Today, however, it is really grainy. I've mixed it for about 15 minutes and still it isn't cooperating. Should I add more boiling water and then thicken it with powdered sugar? Mix it longer? Let it sit? Something else? Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!
You could always simply display them next to the cake. I have done this a time or 2 and think it looks much better than having huge cake toppers.
Thank you for the suggestion. I usually use IndyDebi's recipe, but for this design I needed something with a different texture. Hers does very, very well in all types of weather!
I made this recipe for buttercream on a wedding cake: and the bride just informed me they will have their reception outside tomorrow. I have never used this recipe, so I am very unfamiliar with it. Will it hold up? It is supposed to be about 80 F with 13% humidity.
I charge my regular price for the top tier, and then offer a free 6" cake for their 1st anniversary.
Last weekend I made a 4 tier cake (14, 10,8, 6) and put it together with SPS. It survived the 1 hour trip through awful construction and 15 miles of a bumpy dirt road. I only needed my repair kit when the lady at the venue tried to move it. I didn't chill this cake at all, just ran my A/C in my Tahoe. Go with your SPS; it's a lifesaver!!
I think it would look great if all the stars were all the colors. I'm beginning to think that a bunch of colors spaced around on the cake takes away from it looking like a wedding cake and more like a birthday cake. Have fun- this looks like a fun design!
Thanks for all the ideas (and compliments!). I have a cake going to the same place next weekend so I think I'll ask for a shorter table for it. I do believe the set up probably wasn't as good as it could have been.
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