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Once I red your elements, Fire I thought of a spicy red velvet. You can add a little cayanne pepper to the recipe to give it a little punch but be careful as a little goes a long way.Good luck and let us know what you choose and how it went
Cake Mischief has a few items, they are a online Canada supplier
Thank you for your advice, I think it's time to invest in an airbrush machine.
Does anyone have any ideas or what brand of color works best for dark color icing. When I make my icing and taste it, I like the flavour but after I add the food color (I usually use Wilton), I hate the flavor, especially when it's a blue, black and even the no taste red. I just gag but my kids like and say nothing is wrong but I just can't serve people a cake with this icing that I don't like.Should I try a different icing recipe or have others found the food color...
I wonder if she was a competitor of yours and set this scene up to make you look bad. People would stoop low at times. I would have done the same thing, you have all the right to not give out your recipes.
Okay, here are my two cents....I think you need to talk to the church and say that you can not offer your product for free but will give them a discount (one that you feel comfortable with). You can offer a % or a $ amount depending on the size of order or on any order. Give them your price list and let them decide what they want. This way, you are offering to help but at what is affordabl to you and you won't feel like your taken for granted. If it is somethng dear to...
I was at Indigo today (In Canada) and they had the magazine still. It says to display until June 21 on te font cover.Tomorrow I'm going to try a few others from the magazine, the Shamrock Milk Shake and the Triple-Chocolate. Has anyone that has this magazine tried any of them and if so would you share your reviews.
I have this magazine and have tried two of the recipies, the Grasshopper Cupcakes and the Spiked Raspberry-Lemonade Cupcakes. With my eager taste testers waitng patiently, we all thought the Grasshopper cupcake was on the dry side but could be tweaked. The Raspberry-Lemonade looked good but flavourless We actually threw them out but will try again with punching up the flavours. Not sure if it was us, maybe we made an error while mixing as we did have the wine out too I am...
There is a thread about cake balls that has lots of flavour combo, you might find it helpful as I know I did It's the "How about a serious Thread about cake balls?"
I love pomegranantes so you got me curious...I googles recipies and found a cheesecake with pomegranante topping on might be able to use the topping as a filling for a cake. I also found one for a cake on NOt sure what they taste like but you have time to give them a try.
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