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Thank you. I couldn't decide if I wanted to cover it in fondant or just buttercream but this looks good. If am for sure doing fondant now. I carved a head of styrofoam earlier and made some gumpaste ears to dry. We'll see how the rest goes. Thanks again for the tips.
My daughter wants a Diego party for her 4th birthday so I was thinking I would try to make he a 3D jaguar cake. This will be my first attempt at making a 3D cake so I was wondering if anyone has any good advice. Thanks for any ideas you may have.
Wow, I never have seen this tip you speak of. That must be one mamma jamma big tip. Do you know a number on it that I can look for?
I don't know where I found this cake but whoever made it is amazing. My question is how do you think they did the bottom skirt part. My first thought was just several layers of fondant but I'm also wondering if maybe it is layers of petals. Any thought? Thanks for your help!
So this cracks me up because I just got a set of 3" Wilton pans for my birthday and I took them back to the store thinking I would never use them. Haha! Oh well, I will find something else cool I guess.
Ok. Thanks!
I have a four tiers cake to make for this weekend. Last night I thought I would go ahead and start some of the baking and freeze some of the cake. Well, the bottom tier is going to be a 12" square. As I was taking is out of the pan it split on me. Both layers!!! I went ahead and got them back together and froze both of them. My question is, should I still use them? Should I just re-bake? If I use the split ones will the be strong enough to be the bottom layer on a four...
No ideas for your question but just wanted to say I'm from across the river in Anna!
I made some cookie dough ones and they were great. Cookie dough dipped in chocolate. How much better can that get. The recipe I found had no eggs in it. They turned out so yummy.
On my thin mint one I use plain bc. On the toffee one I do dip it in chocolate. The crushed toffee pieces are mixed in with the cake and icing.All of mine are dipped in chocolate. I must say, I didn't think the peppermint would be good but it is so amazing. It is dipped in white chocolate.
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