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Yes i will be putting the top cake on a seperate board and dowels in the cake below to support the weight.
Ive got dowelst to put in the bottom cake to stop it collapsing, so should i put a couple of dowels into the bottom cake and then put the top cake onto them to secure it?
Ok so ive iced caked before and covered the cake aswell as covering the board so the cake fixed to the board fine.However this time i have iced the board first as its so big, so how shall i secure the cake to the board? Do i apply some buttercream to the bottom of it?Also i am putting a 2nd cake on top of this one, how do i secure this to the bottom cake?Thanks/
sorry i dnt understand what do u mean by indydebis?
I need to fill a 9" and 7" square cakes with buttercream also need to crumb coat them. Can someone give me a recipe so i have enough to do this? Thanks
Ok im very annoyed and i dont get why this has happened well i might know but i want to see what you guys thinkI cooked a maderia cake yesterday took it out the oven left it to cool in the tin, went to put it on the cooling rack then to my horror i turned it upside down and there was a huge hole with all mixture not cooked was all gooey!!!!!!I checked it was cooked with a skewer right through it came out clean. I will state one point i did take the cake out of the over to...
Thanks very much. Can i start to use the paste straight away or do i need to leave it overnight with tylo powder?
Hi I have been to my sugrcraft shop today and i wanted the ingredient that i add to ready made sugarpaste to make it into modelling paste, the owner of the shop told me to have Tylo Powder which contains CMC. However im unsure how much to add. I have 400g of sugarpaste already made how much tylo powder should i add to make it into modelling paste?Thanks
fab thanks very much.
HiI am making my first 2 tier cake, sponge cake bottom is 9" top is 6". Will i need to support this or will they be ok just on top of the other?If i do need to support it with dowles shouldi put them in before i ice the cake or after through the icing?Thanks, Sarah
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