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Can someone advise me on how i can get royal icing as smooth as i can!!!Thanks
Thankyou for the tips
Fantastic thats really useful thankyou very much
Ok so ive bought some Sugarflair Whitening to add to my buttercream to ice a cake with to obviously make it white.But i am unsure how much to add and how to add it as there are no instructions.Do i just add the powder to the icing? Or do i have to mix it with something? And how much should i add?Thanks, Sarah
yes thanks very much ill go and look for some.
Im in the UK in Staffordshire. I dnt think many places sell crisco over here anyone have a recipe?
HiyaCan someone please tell me a recipe to cover a 12" cake with buttercream, i need it to be white, whenever i make buttercream it goes yellow from the butter, how do i keep it white?And is it ok to ice a cake with this?Thanks, Sarah
I didnt make the booties, i bought them from a shop. There clay dough booties. Everything else i made myself.x
No the blocks are just made out of pink sugarpaste. The teddy took me a few attempts but i got there eventually.
I wanted to show you all the christening cake i have just made.What do you all think?
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