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Yes they are wired, will they be ok wrapped in florist take and then stuck in or shall i just stick them in with the bare wire, wil the wire be ok?
HiI currently have a cake to make and i have made some sugar roses but im not sure how i can fix them to the cake. I dont want to use a flower pick and i want them in different places on the cake, can someone suggest a way of fixing the securley to the cake?Thanks
HiJust wondered when you all make a sponge cake and you are going to ice it with sugarpaste icing, do you make a sponge cake or a maderia cake?Thanks, Sarah
Hi, can someone give me instructions on how to make a butterfly cake without a shaped tin. Thanks
HiMy friend has asked me to do this wedding cake for her next year. It looks simple enough untill i get to the middle parts which are black, any idea how this is done and what is used?Thanks
Sure, i found this too which is why i use this way.You need a photo bucket account, then you need to upload the photo into photo bucket them copy the IMG code into your message box and the photo will appear.
Hehe thanks everyone
Thought id share my little crimbo design with you all
Just finished doing a 1st birthday cake so please with it, take a look at some photos i have taken.
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