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HelloJust thought id share with you all some recent cakes that i have made, hope you like them!!
Does anyone know or have a template on how to make football boots for a cake please?Nothing too big.Sarah
HiI am baking a cake in the shape of a 3D football using the tins below, however what size cake mix should i make to fill these 2 halves????Thanks, Sarah
The search doesnt seem to reconise this user name any suggestions?
HiCan someone suggest how i make this scarf from this cake? thought they have rolled out white icing then stuck red on but it seems to smooth to look like that?Thanks
HiI have been asked to make a 3D football cake, has anyone ever made one? If so which tin did you use? I have found 2 but one looks more like a 2D tin not a 3D tinThanks Sarah
Fab thanks for the idea, i will do this.
Ive wrapped them in florist tape at the moment, but i can always take that off. What way would you suggest to do it?
What could i use instead of candy melts? Just any chocolate? Melt it put it in the straw then let it go hard then put the flowers in am i right here?
Sorry im from the UK what are candy melts?
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