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HelloThought i would share with you my most recent cake i have finished today, Lego cake, Hope you all like it.
HiI was wonderingif anyone has a tutorial on how to model a lego man out of icing? Or anyone have any tips on making one?thanks,
Ok so ive been asked to do a wedding cake for December, im fine with decorating cakes etc just not good with working out sizes. She wants 3 tiers, round and for it to feed 120 people, one fruit cake and 2 sponge. Could someone tell me what size cakes would suite this number and would look right size wise.Thanks, Sarah
Fab thanks for the replies everyone
hi everyoneMy friend has asked for a wedding cake the same as this, im fine with making the roses, its just the flowers and the lace effect on the cake, is there anything i can use like a stencil to make the lace effect? Also does anyone know which flower cutter has been used to make these flowers?, Sarah
Fab thankyou im glad someone can read it hehe.
Can someone help me read this cake quantity chart by following this link chart is at the bottom of the page.I am trying to work out a basic sponge recipe for a 10" round cake tin, i see they give a recipe for a 6" round tin but i cannot work out the chart which amounts i need to do the 10" round?Thanks, Sarah
Many thanks for the reply. Do you think it would be ok to bake the cake os one big cake the cut in into 2 halves? It wont crumble too much will it?
I have a cake to make and i usually make a maderia sponge however i find this takes too long to bake, this is a 10" round and would also take ages. Would a normal victoria sponge cake work and hold the weight to be fondant iced? If not can someone suggest a sponge recipe. Thanks Sarah
Say it like your saying key then an on the end lol
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