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Ok so someone asks you to do them a baby shower cake, they say to you do what ever you like im really not bothered what you do....and she doesnt know the sex of the baby...what kind of thing would you do?Sarah
My friend has asked me to make her a baby shower cake, she has sent me a photo of what she like, which is a baby bump with breasts, she says she wants that but a smaller version for about 15 people, any idea what i could use to get the baby bump shape and the breasts shape?This is the cake.Thanks, Sarah
She didnt want the buttercream pink just normal, i would normally use a paste colour would this work ok?
as the title really ive been asked to make apink girly cake and pink sponge.Does anyone know how to get the sponge pink?Thanks
Hi everyoneI need to make 100 vanilla cupcakes next week does anyone have a recipe that will make the correct amount of cupcakes.Also i need to make white buttercream im going to use trex, again does anyone know the amounts i would need to make this icing?Thanks, Sarah
Hi everyoneI have to make 90 cupcakes next month for a wedding, ive had a practice today. Made them last night stored them in a air tight container over night, came to ice them this morning to find that all cupcake cases have all come away from the cakes round the edge!!!! Help why has this happened, they were fine when i took them out the oven and cooled, they are decent cupcake cases too!! Is it because of the air tight container?Thanks, Sarah
HiI want to buy an ice cream scoop to do my cupcakes with but i just dont know what size to get!!Im going to be doing standard cupcakes and all the scoops im looking at range from around 3cm's upto 9cm's in size, i know i need around 3T in each case does anyone have any idea what size scoop this is? Or can any of you measure your scoops?Thanks, Sarah
HiI am trying to work out how much mix i need for an 11" cake from this chart attached. However when i scroll down to a 11" square cake tin and go across to see how many times i need of the original ingredients its just got a ( - ) can someone help me please of how many times the mix i will need!!!! Ahhh im having a stress!, Sarah
I have a question for you all. When you stack cakes how do you go about icing them with sugarpaste. Do you ice the bottom one, put the next cake on then ice it while on the bottom cake or do you ice all the cakes then stack them after? If you do it the second way how do you stack the cakes without damaging the icing? Thanks
Thanks it was really easy too
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