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HiI need to make a teddy and im going to use sugarpaste but i have been told to add something to it so it makes it go hard quicker can someone tell me what this is called as i have forgotten.Thanks, Sarah
Thankyou i will add some white to it.Which silver lustre should i go for satin silver or antique silver?
As the title really how will i make the teddy on this christening cake, what colours to use etc too.Will this grey paste be ok to make it with?, Sarah
HiI have been asked to make the following christening cake (see photo below).It is a square 2 tier cake, and she would like it to feed roughly 40 people using sponge (maderia), can someone advise what size cakes would be best to make?Also, what colours would you use to do the poka dots, they look very metalic to me.Anyone any suggestions how to make the teddy also and what colour to use?Thanks, Sarah
Thankyou everyone i shall take a look at all of these,
HiI have tried to search the forums but the search doesnt seem to be working properly.Just a question if anyone knows of any tutorials on how to make sugar baby shoes?Abit like these shoes but obviously a bigger version., Sarah
Hiya thanks for the replyI am also in the UK in Staffordshire, do you have a copy of your maderia cake receipe or is it top secret? heheThanks, Sarah
HiQuestion for you, when someone says they want a sponge cake making and deocrating, what do you make, victoria sponge or maderia?If so then what recipe do you use? I am trying to master the perfect sponge to use on for my cakes but so far not had much success, does anyone have any secrets to a perfect tasting sponge cake?Thanks, Sarah
I was thinking that myself after seeing a photo, thanks ill give it ago
HiI am doing a 70th Birthday cake and i am doing red roses and also going to put some carnations on there, can you please suggest what colour i should do the carnations with doing red roses?Thanks, Sarah
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