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Thanks to both of you for your replies. I did however solve the problem by putting the tin in the freezer for 15 minutes and it popped out a treat....few!
Hi All,   Having a disaster making a giant cupcake shell, I just used plain dair milk chocolate chilled it over night and it just will not pop out of the wilton tin!!! Do any of you have any suggestions? Have I used the wrong chocolate?   Thanks Sarah
Hi,   I am baking a giant cupcake tomorrow night and looking at using box mixes instead of making my own to save time, can anyone recommend one you can buy in the UK? Betty Crockers? Also how many boxes do I need?   Thanks Sarah
Fab thank you, I'm glad someone knows their flowers :)
Hi All, Does anyone know which cutter has been used for these flowers on the cupcake? I was thinking maybe sunflower but not sure?     Thanks Sarah
Hi Everyone,   I am making 50 cupcakes and a giant cupcake for a wedding. How much roughly do you think icing I would need? I always buy the icing pre made as it is much nicer. Would a 5kg tub be enough?   Thanks Sarah
Hi All,   Sorry if this is in the wrong section.   I was just wondering what your preferences are on using either the Silicone giant cupcake mould or the tin mould? Which one is easier to use and gives a better result?   Your opinions would be much appreciated.   Thanks Sarah
I ended up baking the top and bottom of the cake separately as you advised and it worked perfectly ahhh so happy I'm going to always do that in future. Thanks for your help .
Do you think it would be an idea to make 2 smaller cakes then put them together to make a 10"?
No I haven't ever tried that. I need it for today to re bake the cake! Do they work well?
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