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Hi all,   My friend has asked me to make her wedding cake, consiting of three cakes, one a raspberry sponge, vanilla sponge and chocolate.   My question is are these three cakes sturdy enough to stack with dowling once iced?   Thanks Sarah
Hi all I have been asked to make a raspberry cake so have some concentrated liquid food flavouring my question is how much do I add to the mix with it being concentrated? Also could I add some red colouring to make the mix look pink and raspberry looking. Thanks Sarah
I was thinking of maybe printing it then cutting the shape with icing I don't want it to look cheap by having it pertained
How would you do it? My friends husband is a dj she has sent me his recording label logo and had said can you do me a cake with this on just wondering how would you all do it? Here is the logo Thanks Sarah
Hi all I am making a 3 tier wedding cake and she wants it look like lace but in ivory I've found white lace icing mix but how do I get it ivory???? I'm in the uk. Thanks Sarah
Hi All,   I make cakes for birthdays and weddings etc, but dont do it that often, My friend has asked me to make her a wedding cake, basically to feed 90-100 people and wants it 2 tiers, vanilla, rasberry and chocolate cake, ivory icing with a lace effect one each tier. How much would you charge? I dont want to be out of pocket!   Thanks Sarah
No I havent heard of one either which is why I thought I would ask.   Sorry whats SPS?   Thanks
Hi All,   I've been asked to make a wedding cake and one of the cakes they want is a raspberry cake, does anyone have a recipe????   They have requested 3 tiers, chocolate, vanilla & rasberry sponge, do you think this would be ok to be stacked with dowling?   Thanks Sarah
Ok need some advise, I have made a giant cupcake I dont want to cut the base in half as I dont think I'm going to make a shell or ice the outside, my question is how do I fill in the middle of the cupcake and what do I use, jam & cream??? I dont have a tool to inject the filling in.   Thanks Sarah
Hi all I am wanting to make a giant cupcake for my partner for his birthday however I want to bake it this week as he is away with work, my question is can I make the cake fill it with jam and frosting, freeze it the nice it one it's defrosted?? Thanks sarah
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