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  I get excited with each new cake I make. But I think this might be my favorite so far. I was told by the daughter that her dad loved flowers and nature in general. I really didn't want to a floral which would look too feminine for a gentleman's 89th birthday. So, stump cake to the rescue. Living here in Missouri, we have a lot of poison ivy so what better to have climbing the stump than that hikers' dreaded scourge? I made a bark impression mold from my own oak tree...
How I wish that was available when I lived in Queen Creek 15 years ago!   Jan
My two least favorite words in the English language: New, Improved.  It is always when I have found something that I really like, then they go and "new and improve" it. Arrrrrgh!!!   Jan
It looks beautiful. Now I want to sit down at my piano and play it!🙌 Jan
Pam, I don't know what cravings my mother ever had, but as I read this at a quarter to midnight, you have me lying here in bed with a puddle of drool collecting on my pillow! That shrimp....ooooh, what can I say? Darn you!
I only know about Gasconade. Do what I did and call your health dept. They'll be able to tell you definitely.
I'm not really sure how to work Facebook, but there is a group devoted to the Cottage Food Law resolution. I copied the address:   I hope this works for you guys. I haven't been as active as, perhaps I should be, since in Gasconade Co. I'm permitted to bake at home. As of now, in Missouri, it goes on an county by county basis. I hope I'm not laboring under false information, for I had quite a lengthy discussion with a lady...
I live in Gasconade Co. and the Health Hermann said I can bake from my home kitchen with the usual caveats re. custards and cream fillings, etc. Right now we are still awaiting the senate signing the cottage law that has cleared the House. People are pretty optimistic.
You're welcome. With all our varied backgrounds, we can learn so much from each other here.
Squeeky, the only reason canned, evaporated milk is shelf stable is the fact that is is pressure cooked/sealed in a sterile can. When opened and used as milk in your recipe, that protection is lost and it is to be treated as any dairy milk product, being subject to bacterial growth.   Jan
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