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I used candy melts.  I might try the hair dryer method.  Just don't want to redo it!  Thanks
I certainly can when I get home later this afternoon.  For now just to explain better, the middle of the chocolate image is laying flat but an ear and a foot on the image are raised up (no longer laying flat).  I just want it all to be flat again!
I made a chocolate transfer for the first time last night.  I had my entire design done, popped it in the fridge for about 5 minutes per instructions I've read online, to harden before putting on my back second coat and when I pulled it out parts of the edges (ears and tails in my case) had raised or warped up.  I was hoping as it came to room temp it would lay down flat again but so far it hasn't.  Any suggestions or am I doomed that it will not lay flat and potentially...
Thank you for your honesty!  I too love this cake but may steer to a different direction.  Thanks!
I'm needing to make probably a 12x16 chocolate cake this weekend.  The top at least and maybe the side will be covered in fondant plus have cake toppers on it.  I've made the Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Cake before and love it but do you think its sturdy enough for fondant and toppers?  TIA
Ok thanks. Guess I'd better stick to coloring it after I make it since I'm not sure if the gel might mess it up. Not sure where I could find the powder close around here. I'll test a small bit first after it settles before doing any modeling. Thank you again for all your help. Much appreciated!!
Is it ok to color the clay with Wilton or Americolor after its been mixed and settled for a day?
Also I'll be using candy melts if this makes a difference on painting. (to above questions)
Thanks Jennifer! Your Glock does look great! I'm wanting to sculpt a 44 magnum, which the barrel is silver and the grip is black. Would you be able to pain the barrel with silver lustre dust on modeling chocolate? Or what do you best recommend? Also on the grip would you be able to paint it with black food color/vodka or would you need to precolor the chocolate black?
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