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I just shake the disco dust onto the cookie when the icing is still wet. Let the icing dry, then shake the extra off. I do it onto wax paper so I can dump the extra back into the little container since it is expensive.
I was just going to suggest disco dust. It is sooo pretty! I did some crown cookies and used disco dust (pics in my photos). Country Kitchen SweetArt is where I get mine. The rainbow is my favorite to use.
I dont think it is. I've seen other cookiers who charge, say $2 for an unpackaged cookie and $2.50 for a cookie bagged and tied with a ribbon. I've definitely seen people who charge 50 cents more for a packaged cookie.
Yes, and its awesome!!!
I really like Pettinice. Wilton tastes awful!! I use it to cover cake board sometimes but thats it. I also like to use Satin Ice; Pettinice is softer.
I just shipped some sugar cookies. I probably over-did it, but none of them broke! I put each of them in a little bag and tied with a ribbon, then wrapped them individually in bubble wrap, doubling it over on the top. Then I stacked the cookies sideways in the box, putting bubble wrap around any extra areas, and kept shaking the box til the cookies didnt budge. I also used USPS.
Just looked at your website, love it!! You do a great job!!!
I just did some cross cookies as well and havent posted them!
I'm new to the cookie section of cc, so I'd love to see this start up again!
I'm far from being a pro, just started doing this last summer, but so far mine has all been self-taught with LOTS of help from cc and a long-distance friend.I live close to Country Kitchen so I'll probably try to take some of their classes at some point. I have zero artistic talent outside of decorating cakes and cookies and it cracked me up the other day when one of my husband's friends saw something I made and said "wow, I didn't know you were an artist!" LOL
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