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I use the oven with the light on also. Works great!
Here's another thread going about it. I had the problem this morning and was checking into it.
I baked cupcakes last night in Wilton pans. The liners were fine and in tact when I put them in a container before going to bed. They were completely cooled. This morning the liners were peeling away. I wonder if I go ahead and ice them and put them in a box instead of an air tight container if it would make a difference. Although, I do think Linda's on to something.
Here is what the Dept. of Revenue's website says, "Bakery products sold in or by bakeries for consumption off the seller's premises are not taxable. However, bakery products sold for consumption on the seller's premises are taxable."
I like the double circle idea. I've always had problems centering the tiers. Thanks!
What if you assemble the trees right before putting in cake. Let the cake be the pretzel holder. I made trees like this one time using fondant leaves and I think that's what we did. Good luck!
Love the theme! The page titles (in turquoise) are hard to read against the background. And I agree with Ali, it could use a more interesting font for descriptions. Great job!
Thanks for the tips. I'm also thinking some gel gloves may help. I've found some online with gel pads. We'll experiment!
I'm also in the wooden dowel - cake collapse club. I'll never use them again to support a traveling cake.
Ma-in-law and I are hobby cakers. She has very hot hands. When we work together and she hands me a bag or fondant, I am always amazed at how warm they are. Therefore, she has a very hard time piping buttercream. She's tried gloves and that doesn't seem to help too much. And we've talked about putting the bags in the fridge to cool down, which seems very inefficient....we're slow enough as it is!! Anyone else have this problem? Thanks!
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