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I totally understand wanting to be credited for your ideas, but it's like just the other day I had someone ask me to do a minnie mouse cake, so I came up with an idea in my head (I was totally excited that I came up with such a cute idea..) and then I went on here and wouldn't you know it?! There were about 15 cakes that were the exact idea that I thought I had come up with!!! oh well....I just thought I was being really original....
I LOVE the icing tip!!! I always had problems of not putting enough icing on the sides so I tried it and loved it. The tip helps me have an even thickness all definitely have to put the tip right up to the cake otherwise it will fall right off (done that a couple times); I just pipe it on, smooth it just a little with a spatula then I go to town with the VIVA method to make everything perfectly really well for me!!
I used the Costco Mousse recipe w/ vanilla pudding (couldn't find cookies and cream) and just broke up some oreo's and mixed it all together. The cookies get soft in the mousse. It was soooo good
I have finally started using the Viva method after fighting and fighting to get my BC smooth and it has worked wonders for me. Your cake looks beautiful!!
Thanks so much!! That's good to know
I am a hobby baker and I have some leftover buttermilk that I used on a cake last week. I am making another one this week that calls for regular milk, but I was wondering if you could just substitute the buttermilk (just wanted to use up) instead w/out any baking consequences. Thanks!!
Your cake turned out beautiful!!!
I've been wondering too...I guess I'll have to give it a try
Wow, that's really good to know. Thanks for the info
uh.. that's such a good idea!! been wanting to try petit fours and that would make it so much easier!!!!! Thanks for the idea
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