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Ok, you all have convinced me to try them! Thanks so much for the advice!
What is the best brand of tappits to use for cutting letters out of fondant? Any that work? I've never used tappits before, just metal cookie cutters. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
I find that my cupcakes are never as moist as my cakes, even when I use the same recipe. I know I'm not over-baking. Should I be using a different recipe for cupcakes?
I am over the metal swirl Wilton cupcake stand!  I'm looking into an acrylic one.  I've found many, but prices range from $20 for a three tier to $200 for a 6 tier.  I am willing to spend a little money for a good sturdy one that can go from 3-6 tiers if posible.  Any suggestions before I buy would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
I've been asked to do a religious celebration cake. They would like a sheath of wheat and gold lettering. Any ideas on what tip to use or how to get gold in color? Thanks for your help in advance!
I've used the Wilton spray colors and they work great for what I've needed them for. A light mist and no taste. But, I'm not sure I would trust them to completely cover a MMF cake in black.
I was wondering which stacking method you prefer. Using the plastic cake separator plates and sticking the "feet" in to keep each layer together...or separating each layer with cardboard and using dowels? I'm just getting into wedding cakes and want to use the best method. Thank you for your help!
I'll give it a whirl...thank you.
I know this may be a silly question for many of you professionals, but how do I keep my fillings from absorbing into the cake? They disappear into the cake, even if I only make it hours before. My marshmallow cream, whipped cream and my raspberry filling has done this. Should I be putting a thin layer of buttercream down first and then over it to "protect" it? I always get such helpful answers, so I'm counting on you. THANKS!
Thank you! I figured I would have to buy the Wilton cookie pan. I appreciate your prompt responses.
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