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Thanks Bob and maybe you can edumacate me, LOL, on doing that link thing!!!
Ok, I am dumb when it comes to links and whatnot, but that is the address of the recipe for the buttercream. I got my Loran's from a local cake decorating store. I love them and they are fun to experiment with. Enjoy!!
I found the White chocolate buttercream recipe in my favorites. I am gonna try to put the link here[url]
I used the pink champagne WASC recipe form the gourmet flavors list. Basically the original WASC with a white mix and then added Loran's champagne flavoring and a bit of Wilton Rose gel color. I can't remember which buttercream recipe I used but it was out of the recipe section here and probably had a good rating, LOL!! I tend to try the ones with more stars first. I made a 8" two layer cake, White chocolate buttercream filling with strawberies layered on top of the...
I made the pink champagne cake for my daughter's best friend's 21st birthday. I filled it with white chocolate buttercream and fresh sliced stawberries. It was a huge hit! And it smells wonderful while it's baking!
Indydebi's for me too!!
That's it!! Thanks so much. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find it again. Everyone on CC rocks!!
Any chance someone could post a link to the page with all the WASC flavors and variations? I saved it from another post maybe a month or two ago, but my computer crashed and I lost it! Thanks to anyone who can come up with it for me!!
That sounds yummy!! I made them once, a little different though. I melted a bag of Andes chocolate mints and just dipped the low sodium Ritz crackers in it and let set up in the fridge. They were great, and people couldn't believe when I told them it was a cracker in the middle!! Takes care of your Thin Mint craving long after the 83 boxes you bought from the Girl Scouts are gone!!!
Your response was awesome!! Last year my 17 year old was looking for a car on the internet and came across one of these great offers. They were going to ship the car from England, no less! He was all excited and trying to scrape up money until I started poking around on the internet and found about about these scammers. They use Craigs List alot. The grammer was the same...BAD. that is usually a tip off. Anyhow, loved your response!!!
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