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Condenstaion will do it. People need to have more consideration for their designers! 8\\
I only bake as a hobby for family and friends. I used boxed mixes. I am up front about it. Since it is a hobby and i am now working full time and I have 2 kids left at home and 5 grandkids I just don't have time to do it from scratch. But when I do the big cookies, those are from scratch.
Hobby Lobby does carry it now. But before that, I ordered mine online.
You guys are cracking me up! I do that stuff all the time. I normally keep several pairs of sunglasses in our cars because if I don't wear them, I get migraines. One day I was having a full blown COW because I had just had my glasses on and couldn't find them....hubby just sat there calmly watching..... I finally found them and put them on. Then when we get in public people are looking at me like I'm nuts....I can't figure it out until I took my glasses off...... I...
I love this thread! I have read every comment and I agree with all of you! I feel what you guys are saying. Even a small difference of opinion or approach , to me , doesn't matter. Wonderful tactics you all have suggested!I bake as a hobby also. For 3 yrs now. I have a large family on my dad's side. [he's one of 9] and my mom is one of [3]. I have one sister and she took cake decorating classes back in the early 1980's, so she KNOWS what a massive pain the clean up...
Also try a local business that makes cardboard boxes. My sister's sister-in-law owns a box company and I get them from her..... I have to cut them to fit sometimes but it's way cheaper.
Both of those are great ideas! I get that alot myself but talk them out of it. People just don't seem to understand that it won't be as big as on tv.Then seem disappointed when it's not.I had a lady [actually a cousin] ask for a cake to serve 10 people but wanted it to be an 18" round cake!I had to explain that that pan I have takes 4 mixes....that's WAY MORE cake than what she wanted. So I talked her into getting a cookie instead.
AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally agree! I just love the smiles and genuine enthusiasm they have. ;}
I've done cakes for people for free, donations. And they were for a 'good cause' too! I hear that alot!I did 3 for an auction to generate money for someone who needed an operation and had no insurance. Well I worked 3 days on those cakes.... one had the sugar-glass beer bottles on it.....[it turned out awesome, I might add]....I did 3 cakes in all.I called later to see how much the cakes brought. I had my hopes up ...apparently way too high.... [ Because before I had one...
"I hope you added for all that hand piping."Nope. I was paid $150 for the whole cake. And it was for a friend's step-daughter. [and I delivered and set it together]I'm not complaining, exactly. Just wondering how much that cake would go for somewhere OTHER THAN Arknasas! 8}
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