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Or you could try making and placing sugarpaste (fondant) drapes straight onto the cake and then once they harden you can pipe onto them.
Just saw your reply - can't believe there is a filter system that has censored that! There is a town in Ireland called Effin which was removed from Facebook and caused an uproar amongst residents!
Hello all, I have a question about the above. I generally use gold lustre dust mixed with rejuevenator spirit which gives a nice gold effect. However I have seen some cakes with the most amazing gold finish. This does not look like gold leaf for example but rather something which is painted on.   Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can achieve this?   Many thanks Amanda xx
Thanks for your replies ladies. The client in question has not come back to me after my suggestions on this. Perhaps she wants to stick with the original design.   thanks again and have a great day   Amanda x
Thanks for your reply and your lovely comment about the Alice in Wonderland cake. I did enjoy making that one.   I had a look at your link, thanks. I think those kind of stands could work really well for lots of cakes but I am just not convinced that it is stable enough for an upside down cake.   I watched a video on youtube which showed this kind of stand and assembling the cake but when it was done it was wobbling about all over. I could see from the way the...
Hi everyone   I have a client who booked her wedding cake a year ago. She is a lovely lady but prone to dithering and changing her mind. We have already been through a 2nd consultation/tasting which is something I don't usually do but as i said they are lovely people. So with one major design change (re costed accordingly) and a couple of tweaks (no big deal) I have this morning received an email saying that she has seen an upside down wedding cake in a mag and loved...
Hi there, if you sculpt it when it is still partially frozen this will work much better than carving once defrosted. I freeze sponge cakes and they are always fine.   Good luck with it Amanda xx
I also only discuss price through private messages. Personally I would completely ignore these types of comments. I would want to respond but the people who make ignorant comments like this really are not worth your time and effort in replying. If you are running a business you will always have 50 other tasks to be done which are much more worthy of your time.   It is hard sometimes when people are so stupid but you have to get a thick skin and if their comments...
Oh my goodness (is the polite reaction) I have forwarded this to my facebook page to share with anyone out there who might consider a budget wedding cake
Hi there, I always use sugarpaste (fondant) with gum tragacanth added (is ty short for tylo?). I don't generally get cracking as such but the petals are delicate and sometimes they do break. I always make more than I need to allow for some breakage.   good luck with them Amanda
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