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There's a shop in sharjah called Base & Flavors They sell airbrush machines. Not sure they sell the kopykake kind though.   Give them a call 065453136
Hi guys!!   I'm making an army themed cupcake for my son's 5th birthday and he wanted a tank cupcake topper among other army related things. Has anyone been sucessful at taking a toy tank and make a mold out of it to use for fondant? I have amaing mold putty and I'm think of using it to create a mold but I sure could use your help with it.
Hi Everyone,A few days ago I had dinner with DH in an Italian restaurant. and for dessert he had this pastry filled with Nutella, Mascarpone , nougat and drizzling of caramel. On the side it had ice cream. It tasted heavenly and I had to ignore my Pana Cotta just to eat that pastry with DH.My question is, do you think it would be a good filling? And do you think it would pair up with vanilla cake or chocolate cake?
bumping up my post
It's a product by mcphie and its non-diary.
so what's the ratio exactly? is it 1 tablespoon of tylose to 1 lb of fondant or is it 1 teaspoon of tylose to 1 lb of fondant?
Hi everyone. I was wondering in the WASC recipes that call for sour cream, what can I substitute it for if I didn't have it on hand? like yogurt, kefir (similar to buttermilk) and what about the amount is it the same too?
thanx a lot. I will try it out for sure.Can I use any type of silicone mat for spreading and setting? like the silpat? and so I need to grease it too?
wow thanx for the tutorial
I'd love to try the sugarveil with my cricut cake. Any idea how?
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