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Indy...u need to be a CAKE COMDEIAN!! hahah..I loving the answers I'm getting from this topic. Another thing, I find it's funny that people think I should charge 10 bucks or less for a cake because i use box mix. They don't understand I put extra flours, eggs and flavors in it.. plus water.. water isn't free.. HAHAH..and the time.. Some bakery charge by the hours they spend on the cake.
Loucinda, amazing how some people have to know have lil thing about it ,but yet they have no clue how to turn on an oven..haha.. I'll make sure I'll let them know where I buy all my eggs and milk too. Since I don't have a farm in my backyard.
Indydebi- you are too funny! That is my point. Im sure if you give them a a test on the diff b/t the two.. I would say 8 out 10 would guess it wrong. Im sure only professional can tell the different.Thanks for all the helps!
I agree with you gals! Im trying to start up my cake business, and so far that the question I get from people. I don't like to lie and I know my products will sell itself. It is just crazy how some people eat frozen cakes all their lives care if it's from scratch or box? I spoke to people at the supermarket and they said they don't bake at the store. They buy frozen cake frum bulk and cut it into sheet cake and frost it. I guess some people think the supermarket bakery is...
When you put your name out there and people ask you do you make it from scratch or box cake?? Do you tell them box cake?? but you doc it?? or you have to lie cause most see its just a box cake..they don't understand you Doc it and make it your own flavors..??
Do you have to put the cake in the fridge with truffle filling?
Thanks 4 your help Kim! You ever put your cake cover in MMF in the fridge? I read lots of forum and they said don't do it. By the way, your cakes are beautiful!
I'm new to making cake. I need a lil help. Can you put acake cover with BC AND fondant decor after u finished?
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