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The shop i use sell the Superflair Xmas red and the ruby red. Will these be any good. They also have the Wilton Red Red, Red (no taste) and the xmas red, burgundy. Which one will be better for a red rose?Are the petal dust the same as powders? I havent used any of those before and i assume that i paint them on to the flowers when they dry. Do i mix them with water, alchohol and then paint them on?Thanks for any help.
Thanks but what colour petal dust do you use? you didnt mention that.
Thanks Sheilabelle,What do you mean by a como of charcoal and plum. Is it a combination of the two that you mean?Many thanks
Hello all,I am a newbie and i will be making a heart shaped birthday cake in 2 weeks time. The request is for a heart shaped cake with red roses. My question is what type of red colour will be good for a red gumpaste rose. Is there any petal dust colour that will look good on a red rose? Whats the best 5 petal rose cutter to get?On another note, i am yet to buy the heart shaped pan. I have had a look and i have got 2 options, 2" and 3" heart shaped pans. Apart from the...
yes, i agree. i tried rolling thinly but the JEM cutters are so small that you cant thwack them!!! i had to use picks to drag the letters out and some get disfigured!!! such a bother for just trying to add words to a cake.
Thanks everyone. going to give it another try asap.
Hi all,am a newbie and will be glad to have some advice on using the JEM Alphabeth cutters. i bought them recently and for the life of me cant get the fondant to come out of the cutters in one piece.Anyone, please help!!!Thanks
thanks, thats a good idea.
thanks, will try that.
thanks, i want them small but i am afraid that if i mould them the sizes will not be the same. i guess i was hoping that they will be templates somewhere. can you use RCT for these?
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