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Here is a picture.
Hello all,Please i will like to make a cake that looks like the *Roses* chocolate tin. you know the circular chocolate tin with lots of different types of chocolate in it. Please any advice, pictures and link will be very much appreciated.Many thanks.
Just add some fat to it, just made my first fondant figures last night and i am pretty pleased with them. Wondering why i waited this long to try it out.Good luck
Thanks, i have the grass tip but i have used it once and the outcome wasnt nice. the grass was falling over itself that is why i thought i should try the fondant with the extruder as i have heard people on here say they do that.
Hello all,I just bought an extruder gun after i have heard of all the things you can do with it. I will be attempting to make grass as a border with it on a 14" cake. For those that have done this before, please any tips will be appreciated. Do i put in little fondant and squeeze out the grass bit by bit or can i do a long strand or whats the easiest way to get the grass and the technique that i might employ to get nice looking grass.Also, do i have to dry the grass first...
okay, thanks. i will try using fondant and tylose and see if that works for me. I havent attempted making my own gumpaste yet? Does homemade ones work for anyone?
Hello all,I need a big rant to get the frustration off my chest! I was on here asking how to colour gumpaste for a red rose i will be doing. I was thinking getting the red will be my only problem. I practised with a white gumpaste i bought from my local cake shop (was expensive) but i made some not too bad looking roses. Then i went online and ordered the Wilton white gumpaste and coloured it red the night before and let it sit all wrapped up so that the colour can...
No, i havent tried the tylose powder yet. Will buy some and give that a trial too. Will the craft gun give a long rope though or do i still have to cut and join the rope. Thinking of biting the bullet and buying the gun. Do you get a lot of use out of the gun?
Thanks a bunch. Those are really very good tips. I dont get my cakes stuck in the pans but i see that they stick to the cooling racks and i never even thought of putting a paper down first ...doh!!! Also ran out of time a few days ago and put a slightly warm cake in the freezer and thought i was doing something bad, didnt know its actually good to do that. Any reasons??Thanks again.
Hello all,I am trying to practise a rope border around a 14" square cake but no joy yet. The fondant just keeps breaking off and getting dry. I have used a lot of shortening and even added a bit of glucose but i just cant get it in one piece. Is my procedure wrong?I roll out the fondant on a dusted surface and roll it between the table and my palm. It either gets too thin and break off or is too fat and doesnt look nice. I see all these lovely ropes on other peoples cake...
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