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I think i have finally found what they are...artificial bear grass which can be found in the florist shops!!! They can be curled with scissors.Thanks for the help.
I am asking about the curly things behind the bear and not the fondant decorations that were stuck on the wires. I have done explosions before and have different guaged wires but dont know what the curly things are and what they are made of.Any help please?
Thanks SCP,what guage wire do you reckon they are?Thanks
Hello all,Please can you tell me what the curled ribbon bits behind the teddy are made of and what they are called?Here is the link to the cake.Many thanks.
I had the smaller Wilton leveller which didnt cut anything! I then recently got the Large Wilton one thinking from the description that it would be better and it completely ruined the cake i was working. Luckily, i called the company i bought it from and they agreed to take it back, just that i lost the money i used to post it back to them. Complete waste of time and money. I then went and got a very very sharp and long knife from ASDA and it works well!!!
I just learnt something.....AM BOOKED...that should do it for those that get on my nerves. I dont get people that call to say that they need a cake for a party and immediately follow it up by how much will it cost???you try to explain that you need more details many people are you inviting, what style/design do you want...some get upset that you are asking too many questions and dont want to just tell them the price!!
I recently bought some dummies as well. I covered them in shortening and then fondant. After 2 weeks, i took the fondant off, put the fondant in the microwave for a few seconds, rolled it out on a mat and viola..nice fondant to be reused with the dummy. I am going to practise on them with the new designer stencils i just bought..cant wait.
Sharons DVDs are great and will help you with getting straight edges!!What i have learnt so not put a lot of icing on the top of the cake, but if you do then freeze the cake awhile so that it firms up and dont move around a quickly cos it will thaw and start to move around.Most importantly, i find that most of the time, you still end up with some sort of roundness and thats where the 2 smoothers come in very handy. You need to force the corners to...
ok, thanks Dayti. Please if anyone has actually used these angled cake stands please let me know what you advise.
Also, i will like to put roses in a circle as the cake topper held with royal icing. I am afraid it will just fall off.
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