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I already had a practice run with the fondant I had and find that it was too soft and when i fold it, it tears and cracks terribly at the edges. I then had a go using 50/50 fondant and gumpaste and it was better but still had some minute cracks at the edges, thats why I thought gumpaste will work best.
Definitely, you need to put a cake card under the top tier or else the dowels will just pierce the cake and the cake will collapse on the one below.Have a look at you tubes for some videos.
Hello all,I really like the look of the fondant/gumpaste ribbons around the round cake layers. I am thinking of doing them using gumpaste as I will be able to roll it thinly without it tearing. I will be folding the top edge for both layers but on a close look, I am not sure if the outer layer has both edges folded. Please can anyone that have done this style in the past please advise? all
Second the above suggestion, i think its a good method and you can see it demonstrated in Sharons video. After a day or two, take it out from the tin and let it air dry some more. You need to do this days in advance though for it to dry hard enough to stand firmly.Goodluck.
put it in the oven with the light on for some time and it will dry faster. (remember the oven should be OFF, only the lights should be on)
Thanks Nanefy,I used double cream last night with dark chocolate and it was ok...anyway nothing to compare with as i have only made ganache twice and both with double cream. I will surely try whipping cream next time. Thanks for the tip. When i went to buy the cream I asked what i can use in place of heavy cream as its not stocked over here and people said to buy double cream.
Thanks, its not stacked so I am not really bothered about it falling about. Just the fact that I will be travelling 7hours with it in the car.
Hello all,I have agreed to make my friends wedding cake and drive it 7hours to the wedding. I will be travelling from Scotland to England (Sheffield) and the temperature should be between 12 and 17deg C.Do i transport it in the boot or inside the car? Do i need to worry about the heat/sun?Any tips on how i can avoid disastrous situations apart from driving really carefully?. The cake is not stacked.Many thanks
Thanks Bashini,for the ganache i used the belgian chocolate chips from Costco. They cost £4.69 for a 750g tub and i thought that was steep! but looking at the link you sent for the Callebaut..10kg for £71.99...thats even more expensive. 10kg of this one in Costco will cost me £62. I quite like the taste as well..not too sweet and not too bitter. I still feel that ganache adds quite a bit to the cost of the cake but i am looking at it for the peace of mind, sharpness of the...
I made my first ganache this past weekend and was quite impressed by the way it turned out but my question is where do you get your chocolates? Mine worked out quite expensive for only icing a 10" round cake with a little bit left over.Thanks
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