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Hi all,Please can any one tell me if and where i can buy these impression mats in the link below in the UK. Has any one got them and where did they buy theirs from. It is used on this name tag for the cake below. is the cake link.
Thanks for the reply.
Thats great, thanks a lot C. UK bakers, any idea where i can get it over here.Cheers
Hi all,Please can you tell me how to get this star effect on the name tag on this cake. I have seen the Wilton one and its a lot different.Many thanks
Thanks very much guys for the advice, I will go with the one peice then and hope it looks as nice as the original one in the picture.Thanks
Hi all,Please can you advice me on the best way to achieve this look on a gift box cake. (the box cover is what i mean) Its from Andreas sweetcakes....who i admire loads!!!!!Pls see attachment for the picture. first idea is to bake an extra 1" square, cover it separately, dowel the bottom part and place it on top.My second thought is to go for covering it in one piece and mark a deep grove all...
Hello all,Please for those have made the A+ banana cake in the recipes section...Please can you advice me on the shelf life. I made the recipe this past weekend and it tasted lovely and I will like to use it for again for a friend but will like to know how soon it can go off after it has been covered with bc or fondant.Thanks for any help or advice.
I use bubble tea straws and I buy them from ebay for each tier and then wooden dowels for the combined tiers to hold them together.Point to note is dont over or under dowel and ensure they are all level before you put the cake on, use spirit level to check if possible.
I will advice that you stack the cakes as soon as possible after covering as when you let them set before stacking you increase the probability of cracking.
Hello Sarah,Can be done with difficulty and careful planning. I will advice you to bake in 2 batches as it takes less time and less preparation but can be done in one go if you double line your cake pan and bake at reduced temperature and watch with an eagles eye so that you dont overbake. Also, use a heating core or flower nail in the centre of the pan/batter. HTH
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