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Many thanks for your reply, You were spot on.   Thanks again.
Hello all, Please is this a ribbon rose at the base of this cake, the white flower? If not, please any advice on what it is and how to make it?   Many thanks for your assistance, Ogo
Use the Wilton wonder mould, it looks really nice and pretty easy to decorate.Goodluck.
Many thanks for that Lynne.
Thanks for the replies. I thought so too about the impression been distorted during applying the fondant.Lovely wedding cake Apple, ur daughter must have been pleased!Any more ideas please????????
Hi all, can you advice me on what to use for the floral impression on the corset layer. Also what cutter was used on the bottom layer for the "lace"---the part on top?Glad for any advice, I have emailed the decorator but havent heard back yet.Cheers.
I am attempting to make the Summer Strawberry cake in the Recipe section and wondering if it can sit out on the counter after icing for a few days (wednesday to Sat) seeing that it calls for fruit puree. Anyone? is another good one. I use them mainly for fondant, gumpaste etc.
Missed out a H in birthday as well some months ago and only noticed afterwards while looking at the picture. Felt horrified! Recipient noticed but didnt want to say anything!
Please tell them to stock these impression mats by Makins.
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