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What a great idea. Can't wait to try it out.
What's the difference between glucose and glycerin? Some use glucose and others add glycerin. TIA.
I have Edna's Rose DVD and love it. The DVD came in the mail pretty quick.
Mmdiez10, How ling do you bake it for in a bundt pan and what temp? I've been wanting to try out my bunt pan.I make this recipe quite frequently and havent had a problem with the batter spilling over..
I started putting a thin layer of buttercream underneath my fruit fillings becuase the filling would just soak into the cake and I didn't want that.
This is great! Thank you for posting..
Hello, Does anyone have a good piƱa colada cake recipe they can share? I tried searching CC and I see there is a thread already created, however I get a error 404 when I try to view it TIA
Sounds delish!
I might try lowering the temp next time to 325 as I baked it at 350. I also under baked it a bit because I was afraid of drying out the cake! Guess that didn't work. lol.
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