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That's a great idea! Or may be doing a cracked street with cars dropping in. I suggest watching the movie 2012.. U might get inspired!
Mariana.. I live in a very dry place & gum paste dries up really hard really quickly here. I will definitely post pic when its done. Thank you
After reading your reply k8memphis i was like DAH ofcourse it doesnt need to actually hold every thing! Why didn't I think of that before! LOL So thank you! I was planning on adding a coat on the cart. I might use it to cover up the bag support.
No not the hotels ones. I mean the ones you get at the airport to carry your luggage around. You know before u check in ur luggage or when u arrive and pick up you bags & take them to the car for example! It is going to be an 8" round cake. Im not carving the cake or any thing. I am only making a topper out of gumpaste. A figurine of the lady & her luggage on the cart.
A gum paste dried to a week should be rock hard. What r you using to paint? you should use gel colors only diluted in something that evaporates quick. Usually people uses vodka.. I use any kind of extract.   Hope this helps. Good Luck!
Hi, I have an order for a  Welcome Back cake this weekend. The cake topper will be a lady pushing her luggage cart in an airport with her luggage piled n it.   I am trying to come up with a way to make an edible strong cart that will carry the weight of the luggage without breaking.   I intend on making the luggage out of rice crispy treats to keep them as light as possible.   Any ideas?   TIA
One mre question.. I am new to airbrushing.. is it ok to use the cornsyrup mix on an aribrushed cake? after it dries out ofcourse!
Thank you all.. but don't you think that using the piping jel instead of the corn syrup will give the same effect? has any one tryed it?
Hi every one,I have a Bourjois Nail polish cake coming up in few days. I wan it to look as realistic as possible.I just can't think of and idea to give the fondant a glassy shine? I thought of brushing the cake with piping jel!! will it work? or is it going to look so sloppy and amateur?HELP
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