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My family has always enjoyed my "practice cakes" whether I am trying new flavors or new decorating techniques, so I have never felt like I wasted anything!  But you can practice piping, etc. on wax paper or something similar because you can scrape it off and use it again and again!  
Here it is!   VANILLA WASC by Karema (**Macsmom version) 2 white cake mixes  2 cups flour 2 cups sugar 1/4 cup oil 2 2/3 cup milk (**or 1 1/3 cup liquid vanilla creamer + 1 1/3 cup water) 2 cups sour cream (**or vanilla yogurt) 6 eggs 1 pkg vanilla pudding 2 tsp vanilla paste (**or 1 tbsp vanilla extract)
I tried to copy and paste, but it wouldn't let me. The thread is HUGE! Give me a minute and I will post the recipe I use.
The vanilla WASC by MacsMom on this site is excellent! It is my most requested cake. It is available in the Gourmet Flavors thread.   BTW I skip the pudding and use all creamer (and milk depending on how much creamer I have)
You can mix in a box of white chocolate pudding with Bettercreme or other whipped topping and use that for filling or frosting... it is yummy. I have also used Torani white chocolate flavoring to flavor my buttercream.
Very pretty!
Most of my cakes are buttercream with fondant accents and I have never had any problems refrigerating them when I had to. I have never had problems with bleeding or stickiness either.
I have ordered several items from China and actually received a couple within a week. I was very impressed with the customer service of the sellers I used. I did have an order from Canada this earlier this year that took about 5 weeks.
thanks for sharing!
Heavy cream has a higher butterfat content than the whipping cream
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