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I am making a 6 layer fondant covered box cake, I plan to use a board and dowels for every 2 cake layers, but should I use a WASC or 3d cake recipe?I did a test WASC choclate cake last night and it was really heavy and bulged. What do you think?
Found out that its expensive to make this cake as its all fondant. and the arms are solid fondant. what would you charge for it? Just need suggestions. Its an 8" and a 10" cake.[/url]
I want to make a rocker cake with leopard print and zebra stripes. I seen a great edible images kit with exactly these prints. I am used to covering my cakes in fondant, and cutting out each design. But I was excited to see I could use these images on buttercream - would save a ton of work. My question is -- do edible images look tacky? Are they a little see through when you lay them on the cake? I am reluctant to buy them, but if the cake will look sas good as the...
I recently did a 4 tier cake using DH boxed mix. Cakes were super moist and yummy. But my fondant weighed the cakes down and made the tiers bulge out. Is the general rule of thumb to use a pound cake recipe for stacked cakes covered in fondant? Or should I have rolled my fondant super thin?
Aww, thx. I made it for my son, today is his b-day. He is 6 years old, and LOVES cops.
thanks girls. Yeah, this cake making thing can be really tiring and frustrating. But for some reason I keep on making em. lol. I guess I like the challenge of it. I nearly threw out the gold practice wedding cake I did a few days ago (the end result was nice, so good thing I didn't!). I was getting so angry, I kept bumping the frosting on the other tiers with my hand, or the spatula...and messing it up, and it was my own fault. The frosting on the tiers was getting...
Did my first car cake last night (a carved police car) and my god it took HOURS (, from carving, to trying to frost the carved cake which was a task in itself, making the fondant, adding the detail...I dont ever want to a car cake again! For the time it took me, you would think it would look better than it does.
Thank you. I will try it.Can I freeze the cake for 15 minutes or so to really harden it up, or use fridge only?
hi, I wanted to try using stencils on buttercream. I have an airbrush machine, and also want to try spreading buttercream over the stencil.I want to stencil the sides of a round cake. Now, when I place the stencil and hold it lightly in place, wont the edges of the stencil imprint the buttercream? I use sams buttercream, and it does crust well, but any push on the frosting leaves a nice dent. I am worried abou thaving square marks from the plastic stencil??
No problem - hope you get your airbrush system soon.
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