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I've used the Tiered Caker Ap for over a year now and can't live without it!
Call the Methuen Health Dept; they'll let you know their policy. Every town in MA is different it seems. I'm in Newburyport and had no problem getting my home kitchen licensed.   Good luck
Your "killer" devils food cake would likely not translate to a "killer" vanilla cake. Without time to experiment, just go with a vanilla cake that you know will turn out well.
I agree with are being asked to give up your Christmas Eve to drive her cake, not to mention the hours spent creating it right around the busy holidays...charge more and yes do charge plenty for delivery. If she wants to transport it herself, be sure it is a cake design that will travel well and that she understands the risks. Some cake orders are not worth the trouble and stress.
I have a spiral notebook where I jot all appointments, requests, etc. As soon as someone books a wedding (pays deposit, etc) then I put all of their info, photos, sketches and a copy of the contract in a file folder labeled with the name and due date. I have a special file near my work area where I keep these folders. As far as emails, I print out those that are relevant to the cake design, delivery, etc and place those in the file folder.  On my computer I create a file...
Yes there are many helpful pricing threads here. Pricing is a difficult question to answer in a forum setting. Your costs, hourly rate, and location are all factors. You need to calculate those expenses and research the competition in your area to determine how much you should charge. However if cake details are taking "all night" then your prices are barely a living wage. Best of luck.  
I always inform the customer that because it is a scratch cake it must be served at room temperature.Since most scratch cakes are made with butter, the butter in the recipe gets hard with refrigeration, making the cake seem dry due to its hardened texture. If it was served chilled it was a cold cake not a dry cake.  
Thanks for the update! It sounds like you have your routine down well. I have been a vendor at my local farmer's market for 4 years. I do it every other week so as not to get too overwhelmed. In addition to cupcakes I offer scones, muffins and cake-by-the-slice (very popular) and pies (large and small). I have steadily increased some of my prices with no complaints. If your stuff is good, people will pay.   Hope you have a profitable summer!  
I have a home based cake business. I deliver wedding cakes (tiered cakes) only. All other orders are pick up only. I usually give a specific 1 hour time window to each client when they place the order. For instance, this Saturday's shower cake as well as the cookie order will be picking up between 10 and 11am on Saturday. That way I'm not tied down for long periods of time and waiting on customers. I schedule the pick up times to fit MY schedule as well as trying to...
I love Square. Use it at my farmers market and for my cake orders. It works well, the fee is inexpensive and the money is in my account the next business day...what's not to like? I've been contacted by credit card processors and received offers from Sam's club for credit card processing services but none has been as reasonable as Square.  
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