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And is it still a problem for people with nut allergies?Thanks!Kirsten
Hi! I'm thinking of making some sugar glass for a cake and I'm wondering if any of you have worked with it before. I've found a few recipes, but does anyone have a recipe for it that has worked really well? Would I be able to pour it into a mold and have it come out (in as close to one piece as possible)?Thanks for your help!
Hi! Just curious if there are any cake decorating classes in the Phoenix area that teach more advanced skills. I've taken all the Wilton classes, but I would love to learn more, especially fondant sculpting, etc. Has anyone had any luck finding any good ones?Thanks so much!Kirsten kirs1019
I ended up putting clear tape on the back of the ribbon since I didn't want the color to darken any. But thank you so much for the tips!
I have a buttercream cake that I need to put a ribbon on. The ribbon absorbs the grease. Is there any way I could make the ribbon not absorb the grease? Thanks.
I don't have any expertise with chocolate ganache, but I'm curious if any of you have tried pouring chocolate ganache over a cake. Does it dry on the outside at all or does it stay gooey? I have an idea to use an imprint mat over it if it will hold the image and not stick to the mat. Any ideas?Thanks so much!
I'm making a few 3-tiered cakes this week (base 10 inches, middle 8 inches, top 6 inches) and I'm just curious about how many cups of batter should go in each pan. Thanks so much!
I'm making my first topsy turvy cake, and I could use some good recipe suggestions for a sturdy cake that would still be tasty (taste is actually the #1 concern for the client, above appearance). She would like marble cake, but any other suggestions would be great--since she seems to think cake only comes in white, chocolate and marble, haha. What filling would you recommend for such a cake? I don't want one that would be too soft and cause the cake to shift at all (even...
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