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I don't understand why you would want to enter a generic 'customer', and then put everything in the notes. Could you clarify? Wouldn't you be entering it all anyway? Why not just put it in the right boxes? I often need to go back and add notes or payments later, and I have no idea how I would ever find the order, if I couldn't look for it by name.
After you cover the cake in fondant, brush with a bit of water and then the glitter will stick to it. If you want a lot of glitter, you can dab it on with a lpaintbrush as opposed to sprinkling it.
If you open the oven a lot before it is done, it can cause it to sink.
I don't know if you have a Blackberry, but I used some make your own mold putty from Micheals and made my own. Then I used candy melts, and painted wiith dusts and black icing color. It came out really nice. You can see mine in my pics.
What about a 2-D FBCT picture of the tower with her hair coming out 3-D and maybe some little raised flowers/greenery
could you make the top tier (or at least the Tangled half) look like the top of the tower and just have her hair coming from the window?
To me it's just as bad when someone asks for instructions from a book too! A couple of weeks ago, someone specifically asked for instructions for a popular cake out of one of Debbie Brown's books, saying she absolutely had to make it for her son. I told her, if she absolutely HAD to make it, the book is only around $15. But of course someone gave her instructions.
I'm so excited!!!! I just got a deluxe double agbay for $245 including shipping on ebay!!!! It's crazy, because, I have looked for one on ebay many times before and never found one, and I finally saved up enough money to buy one, and randomly decided o check ebay again before I ordered one. And bam! There it was listed at $150(at the time). I'm so excited!!!
I make WASC and variatons of it all the time! I use the homemade cake release (just as madicakes described) and have never ever had a cake stick!
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