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Oh my goodness! Did you say anything to them?I've been told once that fondant was gross, but that most people just peeled it off and ate the cake underneath. I haven't gotten one weird comment since I started making my own, though.
She can hardly speak about the cake because of the cobwebs? It's not like she ordered a cherry blossom cake and you showed up with a 'dusty' cobweb cake (Which I think is lovely, by the way).If the black meant that much to them, it definitely would have come up in conversation.No refund, keep smiling, and end communication with them.
I'm so glad this thread got bumped! I have had zero free time lately and haven't been on here at all.Well, my first month is done. Without getting too far into it, there have been a lot of problems with the cashiers not registering people properly, and then they somehow blame me for it. At the beginning of all of this, one cashier in particular who didn't know how to use the book didn't see the 40 copies of first night supply lists and was telling students that they'll...
Well, I already have 7 students signed up for next month, and I'm planning another demo for this Saturday. I've also been emailing a few prospective students who sound very interested, but I guess just haven't made it down to sign up yet. My husband thinks I should do a fondant cake since not as many people will be familiar with it, and it might have more of a novelty effect and have people wanting to sign up. Plus, I know what to expect a little more, and I love fondant...
Yikes, what is her problem?Congrats on the new business
What a great story! I love it!
I don't know that I would do that. Even after the wedding day is over, there is a honeymoon, then getting thank you notes out, catching up on whatever work they missed, and getting settled into their new life. If I would have been sent a survey, I don't think I would have filled it out only because it would have been too low on my priority list. If there is some incentive tied along with it, that might help.
I've also heard of people using a steamer to melt the fondant slightly, and then it will dry shiny.I haven't tried it, but Buddy from Cake Boss makes it look so easy
I've always wanted to try a ganache, and I've also wondered about the crisp corners. Even though I'm not the OP, thanks to everyone who posted I've wanted to know this for a while.
Which design is she copying?
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