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I have a customer who wants a cake designed like the Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer. I have never done anything like this. Does anyone have any idea how I could pull this off? I am open to any and all suggestions and tips.Thanks,
I am wanting to pipe cornelli lace in a shimmery gold color. Does anyone know how I can achieve this? Can you add luster dust into the buttercream to make the color?
This is my fourth wedding cake. I love it. Its very different but was so fun.
How many cake mixes do you need for the 12 x 2 square? I have a graduation cake for this weekend. I am using the cake mix extender recipe from this site.Thanks
I am so excited I just looked it up and it is starting on our station Feb. 25 at 10:30 a.m. YEE HAW. I have a Pampered Chef Show to do that day at 11:00 so I will be taping it. It is on Kids Celebration Cakes.YIPEEEE
I have a bride that wants the cake that I have posted below for her Americana Wedding. She wants the first tier to have a red ribbon of fondant on it only the 2nd tier to have the quilt design and then the 3rd tier to have the red fondant ribbon. My question is how do I make the quilt design I have been looking for cutters for the shapes but I can't find them. Does anyone no where I could get cutters for this. I guess I could make patterns from paper but I think that the...
When you guys transport a stacked cake do you transport each tier seperately or do you transport it as a whole unit?
Just to let you guys know. Pampered Chef has now come out with a Double Strength Pure Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla that stuff is great!! If any one would like more information just let me know. Kim
I have a customer who is getting married in June and is doing an Americana Theme for her wedding. Does anyone know of any pictures of cakes that would go along with this theme.
I use brown and red to make maroon all the time. I usually start out with brown and then add red. My experience with the burgundy is that it is more of a hot pink color.
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