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Thanks to a bunch of users on here and some experimenting, I'm on the "homemade tastes the best" bandwagon!  If you buy your beans in bulk online (vanilla products usa is awesome), you can make some extract that's ready to use in about 6 months.  It's seriously so good I put it in everything I can think of.   That doesn't help you for needing good extract right now though.  So I'll agree with the costco suggestion someone already made.  The Kirkland stuff kept me happy...
Lol oh no!  Glad it turned out that you were safe after all :)
I love the 'Ganacherator' that bubs1stbirthday mentioned!  Finally used it for the first time last month for a 3 tier cake, and I really didn't think it was going to be enough.  It actually turned out to be exactly the amount I needed, had about 1/2 cup remaining.  Love it!
personally, I would check it if you have time.  If it's a double height tier, you already have weight sitting on the bottom half of the tier.  Add two more fondant covered tiers, and it sounds scary!
I've had this problem too!  Used carton egg whites for years with no problem, and then it just stopped working for me.  I've noticed that the egg whites that didn't work for me were much more watery than they used to be.  I can't recall what brand it was, but maybe they've changed something :(   Both times this happened to me, I added the butter anyways and it did eventually come together to a good consistency, but nowhere near the volume it should be and it turned out...
If you're using real chocolate, you need to temper it.  Otherwise it will never fully harden.   I can't help you with tempering because I've never been able to do it properly... but if you look up instructions online, I'm sure it will work out for you :)
At AZCouture's suggestion, I ordered beans from vanillaproductsusa too... they are great!  They provided instructions for making extract.  It's 1/4 lb of pods to 1L of vodka.  I got creative and made a bunch of different batches... with vodka, dark rum and light rum.  I kind of prefer the dark rum extract, has a lovely complex flavour :)
I so badly want this but they wont ship it to Canada    Anyone had any luck making vanilla bean paste?  
I had no idea what it was either!  Had to google it, and spent a good 10 minutes reading up on the history right now.  Learned something new today!
Nothing beats vanilla (made with GOOD vanilla extract) to me!  I also really like a few drops of Lorann cheesecake flavouring.  I wouldn't say it tastes like cheesecake, but it does add some tastiness that my friends seem to love.
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