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Thank you, this helps a lot!  Humid days are a rare thing where I live, so dealing with them messing with my cake is a new thing to me.  So annoying, grrr
^ that's brilliant!
Has anyone noticed whether a high room temperature or high room humidity plays any effect on your cakes?  I've been using the same recipe for a long time now and it's always turned out consistently the same.  The last couple of weeks have been ridiculously hot and humid in my area, and anything I have baked during that time had just turned out weird... either it took much longer to bake, or it overflowed in my oven, or it ended up with lots of air tunnels in the...
I think AZCouture is right.  I always had blowout issues with ABC so I started weighting my cakes to settle.  Kept doing this out of habit when I switched to SMBC.  One day I forgot, and had no blowouts... so I decided to try again to see if it was a fluke.  Nope!  Never had to weight my cakes again when using SMBC :)
 I'm in Canada too!  I ordered tylose from Golda's Kitchen.  I actually end up ordering a lot of stuff from them hehe, give it a shot :)
I agree with Dayti.  I end up kneading a lot of shortening into the fondant or gumpaste before extruding.  Without it, I usually end up with those annoying rough edges too. 
Yes... 10 seconds.  This machine is nuts, I'm speechless!
Ok... used it, love it, did a happy dance...   and the sliced off the edge of my fingernail while wiping down the blades.  Wowza haha.  
Yay!  Agbay party!  Have you used it yet?  I sadly have not.  Tomorrow!  Cake cooling on the counter right now in anticipation :D   @Shazza65 that cake is beautiful!
Gumpaste will work for sure!  It will be rolled thin enough that it should dry out in less than a day.  I've managed to dry some thin pieces for picture frames overnight... but it's not humid in my area.   Can you possibly put them in a very low heated oven for a few hours to speed up the drying? 
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